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When you are already 20, and you only want to try to do is clubbing, the only thing that can stop you from going inside the bar is your age. Well, there might be a little bit of rebellion in your mind that says, hello, I’m old enough! Good thing I have heard about the fake ID thing, and one of the recommendations to me best fake id site is the, and it’s excellent!

I enjoyed my new id first time at a club! I know you also want to make sure that what I tell you is legit and so, here is my review about this product.

I received my ID as they promised. Well, even if I am not the real owner of the fake ID, I don’t worry about this thing. I may say that this ID I have is a real one. They make an ID incredibly identical or looking just like the real one. Since I already used it well, no doubt it is excellent! indeed proved what they genuinely say. There is a 100% passing rate in whatever establishment you will use the ID for and that it will be recognized as a real one. They have the great tools in making a fake, or shall I say a real-fake ID. They do things that what would appear you are presenting a real ID- from the size, card type to the picture and everything else.

So, if you want to have this type of ID, I highly recommend you use Remember that because you want to have an ID, you must order it not just with anyone. Make sure to transact with a legit company like best fake id site I can guarantee you that you will have your ID as it is a real one so, you can enjoy the things that you want to do. Keep in mind though that even if we have this kind of ID, we should also limit its use.

Why should one get a false ID despite the risks

If you think that fake ids are being used only by teenagers just to buy alcohol, cigarettes and have fun, then you are wrong. Currently, surveys have shown that in most cases false identifiers are used for illegal purposes or with offensive activities. This is one of the main reasons why governments in different countries have imposed strict laws on the use of these cards so that illegal activities can be prevented easily and effectively. However, despite the risks today many people are increasingly using fake id for specific purposes.

Getting a false identification to maintain your confidentiality or privacy is something worth considering despite the known risks. However, you should be fully aware of the related legal ramifications that are very essential when making or buying your false identification so that different types of critical complications can be conveniently avoided.

Different types of security measures must be taken during the purchase of your custom fake id and you must provide the necessary instructions to the companies from where you intend to create the same, otherwise, you will not be able to create perfect replicas of the originals. There are several legal impositions on the detection of fraudulent identifications and therefore the cards need to be created and purchased by complying with all legal regulations established by the state. In this case, manufacturing companies cannot be questioned since they are only conducting their business.

The criminal department of each state has a strict vigilance on the various activities and actions that are related to the treatment and purchase of false identifications. These include several steps through which false identifications can be detected, and those steps are implemented mainly from time to time by this department in question to reduce fraudulent acts to a large extent. Did you know that false identification can also now be created in line with the use of specialized software and therefore only expert detectors can detect common differences and prevent them from being unnecessarily trapped? But why does anyone want to obtain a false identification knowing the risks and laws that prohibit forgery, alteration, purchase, and possession of a false identification? Well, the answer is everyone has a right to make their own decisions.

Why you need a fake ID?

If you are under 21 and you are still in high school and losing the excitement of having access to off-limits places, exotic clubs, and bars, then here you will get to know that getting a fake ID is the best decision. Look at it as a ticket for your forbidden adventure.

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How to get a fake ID by professional procedure

Gather your provisions: There are several material options, so it is important to be familiar with the method before getting your supplies so you have the right materials to work with your home printer. A basic list below for how to get a fake id:

  • Teslin paper.
  • Laminar butterfly cuts.
  • Thermal laminator.
  • An encoder to encode the magnetic strip.
Scan the photo and signature files:

The signature on your ID may not be much inspected, but the photograph does. Consider these guidelines:

take a picture, do it against a white background with bright or neutral light, make sure your face is well centered. You shouldn’t be able to see your shoulders in the picture.

the photo of your passport: 

If you have taken a picture for your American passport, you can try using it for your fake id. Scan the passport photo to your computer, separated the person’s face from the background so that it goes with your identification template.

Using a program like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks or GIMP will provide you with a tool to edit images called “Magic Wand”. This tool will allow you to click on a color in the image and select all nearby colors that are similar or equal.

Once the background selected without containing any part of the person’s face, press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard to remove it. You can then enlarge the image and use the eraser tool to clean around the person’s face. You can paste it into the template of your ID. This will match your design and you can choose the background color you want.

Print the ID: Print on a sheet of paper, both front, and back.

Cut your ID: Cut your custom fake id carefully with a cutter.

Laminate the ID: Place the insert on the butterfly laminate. You must place the card in a case. Pass the sheath through the laminator. Immediately after lamination, it is useful to place the card under something flat like a book to cool it smoothly.

Add the finishing touches: sand the edges of the hologram with sandpaper with very fine sand. This will remove the sharp edges of the synthetic paper. To give your identification a worn look, you can lightly sand the front and back.

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Quick Process to make a false ID without any risk

Do you want to make a fake id? Here are the steps from which you will learn to make a fake ID.

Quick procedure:

Scan an ID on your computer: Be sure to do it on both sides and pay attention to any holographic element.

Open what you scanned with a program to edit images: Photoshop is the ideal option for this, but you can also use free programs such as GIMP and

Insert your new image: Try to get a photo that is approximately the same resolution and size as the original identification.

  • If necessary, enlarge or shrink the new photo so that the head is the same size as the original photo.
  • You can also adjust the contrast and brightness to be like those of the original photograph. As long as the picture is not too bright or dark, it will be fine.
  • Change the text fields: Try to find a font that matches that of the original ID (Courier, with slab serif, was used in many old licenses). Also, adjust the font size and space to look as similar as possible.
  • Enter a full name, without abbreviations.
  • Enter a realistic birth date. 
  • Make the hair and eye color say the right thing according to the photo.

Print your new ID on heavy cardboard: Be sure to print both the front and the back.

Cut each side of your new ID.

Paste both sides to form a credential: Cut off any shore that comes out.

Add any hologram: If you want to add a touch of authenticity to the identification, you can add a hologram. See the section of making your hologram below and make sure you do it before laminating the custom fake id.

Laminate paper identification: Cut the laminate to measure about a quarter of an inch from the edge of the paper.

Make your hologram:

Create your binary hologram: The golden holograms of many identifications are called binary holograms. These holograms can be easily reproduced using Pearl-Ex paint and Photo-EZ paper.

Make a stencil: This product is for making templates. A stencil is an outline of a photograph but without the negative part.

Create a multicolored hologram: In many of the new identifications, there is a multicolored hologram that reflects the entire spectrum (like a rainbow). Select the two most dominant colors and buy the Perl Ex colors. This will be enough to reproduce the hologram. The hologram can be placed directly on the finished identification or before being laminated inside the plastic. If you choose to place it inside, remember to turn it upside down.

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