where to get fake id

How to get a fake ID by professional procedure

Gather your provisions: There are several material options, so it is important to be familiar with the method before getting your supplies so you have the right materials to work with your home printer. A basic list below for how to get a fake id:

  • Teslin paper.
  • Laminar butterfly cuts.
  • Thermal laminator.
  • An encoder to encode the magnetic strip.
Scan the photo and signature files:

The signature on your ID may not be much inspected, but the photograph does. Consider these guidelines:

take a picture, do it against a white background with bright or neutral light, make sure your face is well centered. You shouldn’t be able to see your shoulders in the picture.

the photo of your passport: 

If you have taken a picture for your American passport, you can try using it for your fake id. Scan the passport photo to your computer, separated the person’s face from the background so that it goes with your identification template.

Using a program like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks or GIMP will provide you with a tool to edit images called “Magic Wand”. This tool will allow you to click on a color in the image and select all nearby colors that are similar or equal.

Once the background selected without containing any part of the person’s face, press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard to remove it. You can then enlarge the image and use the eraser tool to clean around the person’s face. You can paste it into the template of your ID. This will match your design and you can choose the background color you want.

Print the ID: Print on a sheet of paper, both front, and back.

Cut your ID: Cut your custom fake id carefully with a cutter.

Laminate the ID: Place the insert on the butterfly laminate. You must place the card in a case. Pass the sheath through the laminator. Immediately after lamination, it is useful to place the card under something flat like a book to cool it smoothly.

Add the finishing touches: sand the edges of the hologram with sandpaper with very fine sand. This will remove the sharp edges of the synthetic paper. To give your identification a worn look, you can lightly sand the front and back.

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